Camp Wilder .


Welcome to Camp Wilder. 3 story home with southern exposure, and views of the Pacific. 

Within the cedar clad home there is a 1000 square foot daylight studio, 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms, piano nook, and cozy light filled reading vibes all around. 

Master bedroom is clad with pine planks, enclosed in a hand crafted stained glass wall of windows, french doors lead to outdoor tub open to nature.  Large modern bathroom with brass & marble accents; large shower with door that leads to the backyard allowing for light to shine in. 2 large foyers, & 2nd floor exterior deck with hammock. 

2nd floor studio has 2 large east facing windows along with dedicated makeup and wardrobe areas.  Super tall ceilings, and one huge white wall for shooting.  Comes with basic seamless papers, stands and sandbags. Please give me a shout to find out what other equipment may be available for use such as Profoto lighting & beauty dish.


Exterior gardens are just getting started.  Check back late spring of 2018 for pics!