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Long Winter Nights Moon Retreat

  • Camp Wilder 165 Nymph Road Bolinas, CA 94924 United States (map)


Winter and Yin season calls for Space, Emptiness, Renewal, Letting go. 

Winter is the most yin of all the seasons.  It’s energy is dark, slow and inward compared to the yang of the warmer months, whose energy represents light, quick, heated, expansive qualities.  We observe this in nature, as the earth is still and quiet – plants and trees lie dormant, animals hibernate to replenish their energy and rest.  We, too, may feel physically stagnant, and gravitate toward retreating.

While our tendency may be to hide under a blanket until spring arrives, the Long Winter Nights Moon Retreat can replenish and revitalize the body, and help to find harmony with this cold, dry season.  

We honor the pause before we are called to expand once again.


*Bring your own yoga mat, bathing suit (clothing optional for sauna & bath) , layers for coziness. Towel if you plan to shower/bathe if needed.

Retreat Schedule

9:00  Welcome to Camp Wilder 

9:30-11:00  Yoga 

11:00    Nourishment

11:00-3:00    Private treatments  

3:00 - 4:30  Tea ceremony & Sound healing

4:30-5:00  Wine & Fireside Chat

*optional  & weather permitting

We will start the day with juice and healthful food by Urban Remedy.

Leia will guide us in an hour long Yoga and mindfulness class.

You will then have your choice of a private session from one of our guides.

Group Acupuncture will be given for everyone.

We will close the day with a healing sound bath and Tea Ceremony. To sit for tea is a devotional way to settle in the present moment, to calm the mind, to slowly unfold, to gently awaken and breath the self anew, from tea cup to tea cup.

When not in a group guided session or a private session we invite you to walk to the beach, talk with Neka about food & wellness, join in a group acupuncture circle, conscious conversation,, take a bath in the outdoor tub or enjoy an infra red sauna, read in hammockor give yourself a reading from Animal Spirit cards.

Nourishment provided by Urban Remedy

*Group craft to be announced for making kind and mindful holiday gift to take home or share with loved ones.


Yoga: Leia Layus

Acupuncture: Neka Pasquale

Tarot: Jennifer Joseph

Cranialsacral: Ameia Heron

Tea Medecine: Christina Jade

Sound Healing: Dominic Swinn

Our Guides:


Neka Pasquale: Acupuncture & Founder of Urban Remedy

Neka Pasquale, didn’t set out to create Urban Remedy–it was a natural evolution of her passion for health and healing and living a lifestyle with “food is healing” as her mantra. Growing up in the farm-to-table culture of Northern California, Neka was inspired by people who care about what they eat and who strive to eat for health as well as pleasure. In her private practice of over a decade, Neka combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine with cutting-edge nutrition and lifestyle modifications to heal, balance and create optimal health. Neka started leading wellness retreats with her patients and over and over again they described experiencing life-changing results after just a few days. Inspired by these transformations, Neka knew she had found her calling and in 2009, Urban Remedy was born

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.41.05 PM.png

Leia Layus: Yin Yang Flow

 “We are the seasons. We are the Elements. Nature is without and within us, each of us every moment. We are a replica of the universe passing from season to season in a natural unending cycle of life.”  Dianne M. Connelly

Elemental Yoga connects us with nature and the seasons within ourselves. We will meditate on the Sky and Ocean to draw this into our moving meditation. As we cycle through Winter, we will replenish ourselves by moving inward in our mind and move gently as we bring life back into our body.

By blending gentle flow, satya yoga, and aligning 

our subtle-body to the cyclical nature of the earth 

and elements- we allow ourselves to be 

unveiled and to remember our essence, our being,

our soft power.  Awakening to the sweetness of our senses through aromatherapy, meditation, poetry and movement.  

Choose a way in- each path leads to the state of yoga.

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Amelia Heron: Craniosacral

Amelia offers craniosacral healing touch therapy from a space of grounded stillness and presence. 

She has studied biodynamic, mechanical and visionary modalities and has a deep interest for the natural and innate healing abilities that every body holds.

Craniosacral is a subtle yet powerful healing modality that allows rejuvenation of the nervous system through gentle touch on the cranium, sacrum, and other areas that may be holding 

physiological and emotional blockages inviting flow and healing throughout the entire body ecosystem. 

She has witnessed that gentle touch combined with grounded presence is instrumental for healing on all levels.


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Tea Medecine: Christina Jade

Jade is a certified Meditation Instructor, Health Coach and Tea Curator. Since 2010, she has been traveling the world to explore and share the wisdom and medicine of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree and spirit teacher that has inspired the Taoists for health and meditation. She has founded the project WAOTEA in 2016, to shed light on the importance of rituals. Her practice is about creating space to celebrate life, to honor inward presence and the intimate connection that we all share with Nature. With heart and earth infused medicine, she hosts ceremonial tea meditations with the intention to soothe minds, bodies and souls, through the art of cultivating stillness and mindful presence sipping cups of the tea leaves that she has consciously selected and curated in vibrant tea plantations of Asia. All of the selection of her boutique tea line, WAO TEA, are available online

Sound Healing: Dominic Swinn

Passionate about sound healing and determined to bring it into everyone's awareness.

Born just outside London and then moved to San Francisco in 2006. Dominic’s spiritual path didn’t begin to manifest until a traumatic break up caused him to take a good hard look at his life. He sought a more energetic approach to healing and became interested in Reiki and energy practices. Having grown up in a musical family and spent many years DJing, sound therapy was a natural progression and has become a passion and powerful healing tool in his life. During Sound healing sessions Dominic plays Chakra tuned Quartz Crystal bowls that create powerful resonance and vibration to help move stuck energy through the body and balance the Chakras. Dominic, like many others, struggled for years to find his voice. He incorporates toning and the use of the voice as an important part of the healing practice.



Anything that will make you more comfortable - yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye mask, favorite stuffie etc.) Water is also recommend. I will have some spare yoga mats if you don’t have one.


Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath include:
• Relief from stress or anxiety.
• Pain reduction.

• Enhanced sleep and memory.
• Peace of mind and mental clarity.
• Emotional healing or release.
• Continuing self-development.

• Temporary relief from addictive urges.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a history of seizures, or currently have thrombosis, you will not be permitted without a doctor’s note with their permission to participate. Sound Baths are not recommended for women in their first to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

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